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how it works


The success of any and every brand is dependent upon the public perception of its quality. Design is a craft with a methodology that uses critical thinking, meaningful research, and a deep immersion into one's business mission. Through a collaborative process, we'll create a symbolic brand that truly resonates with your company and target audience, while following the strategic steps below.


Step-By-Step Process

  1. We'll rendez-vous (virtually) and begin by listening to your story. Then, Christina will guide you through a series of in-depth questions to understand your goals, target audience, competitors, visual preferences, and more.

  2. We’ll create a digital mood board that visually and symbolically reflects your mission.

  3. With all this insight and inspiration in mind, Christina will sketch and brainstorm preliminary graphic ideas to present via email. We'll discuss your options thoroughly, and select the direction that best fits your business.

  4. Now it's time for your project to come to life! Your designer will let her creativity flow and make your logo, layout, colors, and graphic elements perfectly suited for the decided-upon style and creative vision.

  5. The newly-crafted design is then presented, and Christina is happy to make any final refinements requested to ensure it's just right!

  6. Once approved, she’ll save and send your final design in various formats for high quality print + web use so you'll always have them handy, now and in the future.