brand design 

Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill

1. Stain and Water-Resistant Dine-In Menu Booklet (8.5x5.5, Saddle-Stitched) + 8x10 Lunch Special Menu

These menus were designed as part of a full rebrand package for a popular Asian restaurant in Chicago, IL -- minus the existing Yuzu logo. This sushi restaurant wanted their graphics to match the high quality clean interior design of the restaurant's dining space, while also representing the creativity of their sushi chefs. The highly-praised chefs pride themselves on being true artists at heart -- whipping up plate designs on a whim with different sauces, to compliment each meal about to be served. 


INITIAL DESIGN PROBLEM: Their existing menu was plain looking -- black and white, tall and narrow in size, and lived within in a typical clear plastic protected cover slip (for easy wipe-down if something spilled). Also, the restaurant tables were small and quarters' tight, so one's menu would often hit the person sitting opposite of them while reading.

DESIGN SOLUTION IMPLEMENTED: Discarded the typical plastic cover slip, and designed the menu as a 8.5x5.5 saddle stitched booklet for people to intimately flip through. Menu book design was printed on water-resistant paper (like a vinyl) so that it could still easily be cleaned!  The design itself was spruced up by adding more trendy graphic elements that more effectively relate to the restaurant's atmosphere and decor. As part of the art direction rebrand, a pattern graphic (almost like a chevron, but different) was used and graphically resembles the decorative plate design that results from a toothpick being dragged through dipping sauce -- for food presentation purposes. 

Other art direction / design projects for Yuzu Sushi were discount cards and business cards.  Business cards are very commonly discarded, so high quality materials were chosen to encourage recipients to treasure the cards or generously share them with others as a form of art  and authentic promotional advertising. The business card design was printed on three-ply cards (very thick three-layer paper) and has red edges to match the restaurant's logo color. 

Similarly, Yuzu Sushi wanted to provide discount cards for their most frequent customers, to show appreciation for their repeat business. Typically discount cards are made cheaply, but high quality materials were chosen for these cards as well, to symbolically match their customers' high value. These "Friendly Neighbor Cards" (as they are consciously called) were printed on three-ply wooden cards (with red edges again), and offer their long-standing customers a discount on meals (up-close feature photographs included further below on this page).

Coordinating To-Go Menu / Folded Brochure Layout



2. Friendly Neighbor Restaurant Discount Card

Designed in Illustrator and printed on thick wooden stock (3-ply) with red-colored edges. Yuzu Sushi provides these discount cards to their most frequent customers, to show appreciation for their repeat business. Typically discount cards are made cheaply, but high quality materials were chosen for these cards to symbolically match their customers' high value. 



3. Response Website Art Direction and Design (Standard Layout Mock Up Shown)
Also designed mobile, tablet, and wide screen layouts for Yuzu.

This website is an additional project designed within a full rebrand package for Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill - located in Chicago, IL. In addition to art direction, a site map and wireframes were created for client, and assistance was provided to creative writer for copy and brand voice. 

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