BOOKLET design

Citi, Inc.

Branding template layouts created to be consistent with Citi’s corporate brand guidelines. Newsletters were mailed to all Citi employees in the United States, explaining Citi benefits and 401(k) plan options. Alternate versions designed for employees in Europe, Ghana, and other various countries around the world.

vuka project-3533-edited.jpg
vuka project-3508.JPG
vuka project-3493-edited.jpg
vuka project-3474.JPG
vuka project-3510.JPG


A digital PDF booklet created for E2open, a leading supply chain management company for businesses such as General Mills, Oracle, McDonalds, PepsiCo, and many more. Page layouts were designed within existing corporate brand guidelines and charts were recreated in Adobe Illustrator for visual consistency purposes.

additional--cmuscato--2.19 8.png